Thursday, March 09, 2017

Why Cat Headquarters is Leaving Peoria - The Rest of the Story - Part 2

Peoria Public Schools. No amount of money will solve their problems. Why? Suggest if interested, read my numerous blogs titled, "Peoria Public School Dist #150". I have also visited 15 schools or more when classes were in session,

The upcoming announcement of an inefficient IEPA to finally DEMAND that Peoria quit polluting the Illinois River. Cost - $200-300 million.

I already mentioned the 50-100 year old water lines that will cost in the hundreds or millions to replace.

$200 million needed for County roads and bridges. City? Millions more to bring streets, curbs, bridges, etc. up to only 75% of needs. ( I already made that blog) Yet they will still have the very dangerous Knoxville-War Memorial intersection to contend with. Plus other intersections where they would like to build round-abouts but have to money to do so.

Slow growth or no growth in the region.

Taxes which have no where to go except up and up. From the PPD, expect higher fees that are noticeable only to the user.

Peoria;s tattered infrastructure with no money to buy Cat equipment to repair.

I'm certain the non-Peoria resident new President is listening to his board, few who live in this area. One of two?

Disappointment in the PRM which Cat supported with millions and built a Visitors Center probably costing $2 million or more to maintain; a Visitors Center they really admitted they didn't need. The PRM has had 400-500 thousand less visitors than projected. And had now hired a local man whose career was not museum oriented.

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