Thursday, March 09, 2017

American Society of Civil Engineers On Our Infrastructure Needs

Best to read an article in "the weekly STANDARD" dated March 8, 2017 to get an unbiased revue that the ASCE opinions might be biased.

If you are reading my blogs consistently you will note that I and thousands of other wonder why it takes our highway employees so long to complete a job. Some of you might remember an unfilled small part of War Memorial entry from the North into the Big Hollow Shopping Center was partially blocked with dozens of barrels for over 6 months before they completed this one small task

If you go back far enough far enough you will find my blog about 13 people with 13 public vehicles worked to create an 18" wide 14" deep ditch along one wide the Collingwood Cr. Truck drivers sat in their vehicles and listened to music or rested on the lawn of a resident while workers with brooms and shovels cleaned out the excess dirt left by the excavator. Then they left the job for a full week and guess what, they had workers with brooms and shovels cleaning out the debris that accumulated. For the lack of a water drain a couple hundred feet has deteriorated. In a bad winter, I have a 30 feet by 30 feet ice pond in front of my drive and mailbox. The City is aware of it and that something will be done. Fortunately, this mild winter, I only had one pond..

And my blogs about one person working and three standing waiting for something to happen, I guess. I often jokingly ask  "do you need more help". They generally laugh or smile.

As a departing Public Woks Manager told me that the union controls the department..

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