Monday, March 27, 2017

Those Who Would Socialis Our Government Have Nearly Reached Their Goal

And this country may be looking at a Dictatorship in the near future. No point in me blogging what is destroying this country by the Clinton's, power brokers like George Soros, the Democrat "leadership", a number of those high ranking in intelligence community, many "Republicans", militant women's organizations, much of mainstream media such as the local JS, many union leaders, a number of hostile countries like Iran, Etc.

I no longer support the Tea Party nor half the Republican Party. Paul Ryan stabbed Trump in the back by convincing President Trump that he had a bill that would garner 60 votes.

Even so, I support most of the views of the Republicans; an exception being most of the "right wingers who Trump must 'kow-tow' to because the helped elect him. Much as I respect the office of the Vice-President, I do trust him on women's rights. I believe he is pretty much a "right winger" who is a good actor, which most politicians tend to be.

Trump is not. he is, except when forced to do what he doesn't believe, a very politically INCORRECT President. I certainly do not believe in everything Trump wants to do. The WALL is a desperate move to stop illegals from further flooding this country. No one or group has come up with a better solution.

If Wall Street goes into a topspin, look eventually for a depression greater than the 1930's. A very strong person will need to to emerge. I doubt that this person is President Trump and of course the Islamist Obama is young enough and is in the wings doing everything he can go destroy the current presidency of the U.S.A.

Any Muslim living and preaching in our communities who believe in the Koran, Koren, or whatever name their bible goes by, is a potential threat to this once great country.

Obama was taught to believe in "One World" and  he dreams of being the "chosen" one to lead it. Hopefully, one day he will no longer be the the destroyer/

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