Monday, March 27, 2017

Illinois Democrat Raise Their Ugly Heads to Push For a $15 Minimum Wage

(See Peoria County Chronicle, dated March 22). Many wage earners are worth $15 and hour and some more. Minimum wages were once a starting of earning for someone on their way up. Not now. I saw it when I visited over 15 classrooms and saw the way most of the students ignored the teacher (most of them black kids). Union man Dan Silverthorn decried the present and upcoming lack of skilled workers in Peoria. Peoria Public School System, with their unpaid weak boards, never understood that so many of these kids were not believers in what was attempted to be taught and should have been strongly encouraged to enter a Vocational School.

The boards catered to the wealth-born elite. See what they have brought to Peoria?

But the problem was there was no REAL Vocational school to attend. Finally, Woodruff was supposed to be turned into a Vocational School. It is a failure.

Minimum wage is actually a Socialistic system similar to our unions to equalize all workers. Merit is seldom considered as tenure rules the past and present. No new hire is expected to work any harder than those, who over the years, learned how to "game" the union system. And Peoria has plenty of "gamers'".

When I ran my business, merit ruled the day. I'll never forget the day I fired one of my best friends because he was not moving in the same direction I was leading my country.

My belief stands, Workers should be paid fairly for their value where they are employed. It's supposed to be a free county. If  one is not satisfied, look for a better job where one is qualified to be hired for higher wages.

My company was represented by the Teamsters Union. I knew how to work with my employees Many of them are still employed by the company.

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