Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Legal and Illegal Immigrants - Only a Fool Would Lump them All as "Immigrants"

And we have a lot of fools in this world,especially in the U.S.A. Democrat/Socialist/Marxist Maxine Waters of California wants to impeach Trump. I suggest she is a "nut case' and has always been one. She is the one I would like to see removed by any means necessary.

Schumer is also a Democrat/Socialist/Communist and a similar educated "nut case".

One Democrat in the SCOUS Hearing kept referring to her mother who immigrated to this country and compared it as the SAME as illegals looking to make a better life or to rob, kill and rape the populace. My Dad was born in Switzerland and came here LEGALLY.

BIG DIFFERENCE. Oh, what fools we have in this country running our government. GET OUT OF THIS COUNTRY OR BE REASONABLE.

Those who are organized to stop Trump in everything he does, should note what happened in Socialist England today.It's already here and more tragedies are going to happen RIGHT HERE SOON.

Listen up!

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