Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Illegal Immigration - A Costly Project - But Necessary To do..

How to handle it? I posted the best way years ago. To sum up, deport eventually all who came here illegally. It may take 4 years to do it. Those who have a job or a job and family. must return to to their country of origin and re-enter legally. For those employed or with families, or both, systems must be in place to fast-track them back to their jobs and families. For those unemployed, have been convicted of a crime or a high misdemeanor, or are here illegally? Deport them. Period.

None of this will work unless we spend some billions to defend our borders. Rather sad that our National Debt goes up over 2 billions a DAY mainly because of entitlements and wasteful spending. That does not bother protesters, but PROTECTING OUR BORDERS, DOES.

"Bleeding hearts" will say , 'you can't separate them from their families. BS. In the Civil War, the 2 World Wars, Vietnam, etc., people were separated from their families, some not months but years.

Please, people, get real. These people committed a crime. Why do "bleeding hearts" not acknowledge that fact?

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