Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Worst Criminals Did Some Good Things

Ask their mothers. Every person ever born did and does some good in their lifetime, no matter how short or how long that life is. If I were to say Hitler did some good which I will, if I were "somebody" I would be quickly become a headline in all the wannabees "National Inquirer's", which so much of the media attempts to mimic, The headline would be, "Widmer says Hitler was a good man" which would be a total lie. What good did Hitler do good? He had the Germans' build the best highways in Europe.

Of course he had a ulterior motive; to build roadbeds constructed to move his machines of war. But I understand that even today, Germany has some of the best wearing roadbeds in the world.

Now Trump says Saddam did some good in eliminating terrorists even though his regime also gratly harmed many innocents. Isn't that happening today in Iraq only worse? So the headlines make it look like Trump would have liked to have been best buddies with Saddam. Without elaborating, do people really believe Iraq is better off today than it was before the U.S>A. got involved? Unless I can't believe any media, Iraq appears to be a total mess. What goes on in Libya is probably worse than it was 10 years ago.

The world is a mess and will remain that way until people understand that the world needs STRONG leaders and not all of these "leaders" will be angels sent from heaven.

So sad. At times, I regret living this long to see what i long ago predicted if you read my 30 some "Letters to the Editors" of the JS and my 2700 blogs.

Trump, unlike so many other "so-called" leaders, says what he thinks. And the media chooses what they want to print, being sure it does not flatter Trump. But he CANNOT do everything he says without the will of the people who are horribly divided.

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