Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Megyn Kelly, You Were Super Superb Tonight

If you missed this lady reporting on Fox News tonight, you missed one of the best performances ever as she and her guests tore FBI Director a new AH for his politically rigged decision on not recommending charges to be brought against the most lying politician presidential candidate since Barack Obama.

She is more than back in my good graces and Fox News is the best TV new station in the world. FBI Director Comey avoided saying whether the corrupt Clinton Foundation is still under investigation. Comey may try to save face by recommending this case to the Clinton favoring AG, Loretta Lynch.

Trump put on one his best performances in North Carolina tonight. He may be all the things people dislike about him but he is always on or near solutions to the problems this country faces.

And these problems are so immense that half the things, typical of all politicians, will not be accomplished in 8 years, let alone 4 years.

If the Republican Establishment and some of the "Titanic" Republican voters don't get behind Mr. Trump, the Republicans are dead, as I said before, perhaps forever.

Terrific going, Megyn, I love you, O'Reilly and Hannity, etc., and Fox TV!!!!! Maybe I'll get to meet some of you in Cleveland as I did in meeting and having my picture taken with another of my idols, Larry Kudlow, four years ago in Tampa.

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