Thursday, July 14, 2016

Trump is So Right On Our Inability To Protect Ourselves

$40 billion has already been spent on GMD missile defense, yet it is unable to protect United States of America citizens from a missile attack by North Korea. This recently published by a group called the Union of Concerned Scientists. They call on Obama to halt this ill-planned project.

Trump is so-right. Ray LaHood says he is not going to vote for Trump and encourage his "good old boys and girls club" not to come out and vote. Or vote for Hillary, Trump is the only candidate that can save this country and stop the Clinton Cabal from running  this country into the ground for the next 8 years. Ray LaHood is  perhaps hoping that if Hillary is elected, he may receive an Ambassadorship to France or if so, I hope to Madagascar. And one more pension to add to his extensive repertoire.

Ray once asked me if I thought he was paid to much. I answered "no" and came to regret it as I became more politically minded. I didn't realize at the time all the massive perks received by members of our most wildly and ineffective spending Congressional bodies in the history of our nation.

Stand on the prow of the Titanic and perhaps have some run-down portion of Illinois highways named also after LaHood. Or a run down street in Peoria, not hard to find these days.

Most of you will not remember but Ray tried to force automakers to agree to build autos that would average 56.2 mpg by 2025.. Asked where the 56.2 mpg came from, LaHood  said, "he had no idea".(JS, June 39, 2011)

Most forgot that Ray first supported a new $800,000,000.00 new highway to Chicago across farmlands Then he changed his mind and he and Dave Leitch supported widening Rt.29. (JS, 6/02) When engineers determined that the cost would be over $600,000,000.00, LaHood backed off and a highway that could never be justified, was never built. But not after upwards of $12 million was paid to consultants and engineers to "study" the never was and never could be justified highway.

When Obama named LaHood Secretary of Transportation, he selected a man that knew little about transportation. He took four years to prove it.

Incidentally, on 10/15/11 as reported in the JS, LaHood criticized the Republican party by stating that some people "don't want Obama to be successful".


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