Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Trump Didn't Say "Ban All Muslims" Read on

People seem to be reading less and less and much of what they read are romantic novels to make up for what is missing in their own lives. (Like the 10, 20 30, 40, or 50 Shades of Gray or Grey) Yes, I went to see it and almost fell asleep it was so phony and boring. Few woman today are so stupid or sex nymphomaniacs.

The media loves to stir up controversy with their headlines because they know that is what people remember. Trump said "Ban all Muslims" until we take rapid steps to more thoroughly vet those fleeing from other  countries. He was not talking about Muslims who are legal citizens or here on business or a vacation. But the media thrives on any controversial statement without bothering to emphasis the content of the statement.

Case in point. When I was arrested in Florida in 2013, and the NEWS forwarded to 13 media types courtesy of the Jerry and Jim  Stowell, few were concerned about the outcome which was I WAS NEVER CONVICTED. And JS lying reporter Matt Buedel wrote that my home in Peoria has an UPSTAIRS ,insinuating that some sexual act by an 88 year old man euucleated by Prostrate Cancer in 2002, with three women, one an aunt and the other a college attending sister. Buedel also lied when he said I "stepped down" from the County Board which anyone who reads all articles in which they show interest knows that I announced publicly over 2 years before my third term was up,
 that I would not run for reelection for a fourth term when I reached the age of 85.

My announcement was publicized in the Peoria Observer by now deceased DeWayne Bartels in which his headline was "Widmer Will Be Hard to Replace". Interesting is that before Bartels was promoted at the Observer, that paper had endorsed my opponent.

This is not the country of my father who passed through Ellis Island at the age of nine months. His was a farming family and most welcome in the 1800's. Sure, some bad people got through. The

 various Mafia types are hardly descendants of the writers of the Constitution.

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