Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dear God, Tell These BluNoses and Idiot Politicians to LEGALIZE MARIJUNIA

It's not working if only the bluenoses and phony politicians and overly religious types would get out and see for themselves. Don't believe everything your kids tell you. They have had plenty of role models to learn the art of lying.

Execute the heroin, meth, opium and worse drug dealers. Try to rehab the users. Use the now unemployed eradication folks for that role.

I have always supported the death penalty and recommend hanging now that Big Pharma will no longer supply the drug injection which was a bad idea to start using injections. Hangings are much quicker and cleaner. Some people may be executed in error, so improve the evidence scenario. It is said that thousands die yearly by mistakes made by doctors. My best friend died from a mis-diagnosis.

People die every day by someone else's error. How about the bus crash in Texas today that killed 8 people and injured many. Did  a vehicle driver make a fatal mistake or was it a mechanical failure? If so, will vehicular travel be banned or will all vehicles be driverless?

Support Trump and he will help somewhat by building the wall. 8 billion is peanuts when you consider the billions we spent on paying the interest on our national and state debts.

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