Saturday, May 14, 2016

Black Lives Matter - Trump and I Say ALL Lives Matter

(To a point. Maybe everyone in the world at  least till perhaps the age of 10).Members of this group of "Black Lives Matter" want cops to be killed and they didn't care how.. I want to s'martter these "Marxist animals" Black Lives Matter all over the roads they block. I want them to go back to their roots and stay there whether it be Africa or wherever.

I want more guys and women like Sheriff Joe and Governor Brewer. And now Donald Trump who is right 80% of the time while the average politician is right perhaps 50% of the time.

At times I have wavered in my support of Donald Trump. No longer. And the sooner the most divisive President we ever had in our history,  militant Muslim Barack Obama disappears from this country, the better.

In a previous blog or more, I have predicted a Revolution, probably violent, in this country. It may be 20 years away or sooner or later. Events are moving rapidly and many whites are as much to blame as the militants of any color in this country..

And frankly, how Obama and his ilk go, I could care less.

I might add my insurance agent is black as were many of my employees. I never hired one I later had to fire. Can't say that for a lot of white people I hired. Would I hire a Muslim today? I surely would if they met criteria of my company and my personal criteria of the people I hired. They wouldn't get an interview, though, if they wore a burka or a head scarf.

I am concerned that more peaceful blacks do not defend the police as why I don't understand why more peaceful Muslims do not publicly condemn groups like ISIS, etc.

Am I an angry white? Chalk me up in that column. By the way, many of these militants claim to be highly educated. Most likely by some of the worst and  most militant teachers in this country. Of which there are thousands. These remarks in this paragraph also include a sizable minority of the clergy.

And as I  blogged years ago, I do not call any black an African American. What b...l  s..t. .

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Merle Widmer said...

Clarify the "age of 10". 10 or so is when most of the ISIS types start seriously training kids to kill the infidel. Also, at that age, a few kids have planned to kill someone and in some cases succeeded. However, better that I left that comment out of my blog.