Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Religion and Abortion in the United States of America

Any attempt at a peaceful conversation on either subject, among citizens of the U.S.A.,often opens a "jar of sugar ants". The Donald should know better.

If this was a feeble attempt to help pacify the Far Right Wingers in the Republican Party Establishment, it failed miserably. This country does not want to go back to coat hanger self administered abortion by women not even able mentally to handle the nine months pregnancy.


Nor do we want to go back to having each state make their own decisions. This would be dreadfully wrong. Even some of the idiot anonymous who try to post on other people's blog sites should be able to figure out why not "states rights" on abortion.

Any abortion is a sad thing happening and enough punishment for the woman. But let a higher being not on earth, be the judge of the woman, not a presidential candidate.

Trump's comments on abortion may just be the "hammer' if he loses Wisconsin.

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