Thursday, March 31, 2016

Did An Anonymous Tip Lead to Bogus Bomb Chaos at the Peoria Airport Today?

There are many questions and there had better be some smarter answers than there were actions today.Was there an anonymous tip? The public may never know. Was the carrier of this piece of equipment asked what it was and were calls made to verify the carriers statement? Was the carrier of this harmless piece of hardware even asked to explain what was in her belongings? Why was the Governor involved? Why did the local sensation seeking liberal media terrorizing this community with information that was totally false?

I estimate the overall cost of this major boondoggle to be at least $250,000.00.It certainly did not enhance Peoria as a destination as so many of the elite have convinced themselves it is when it isn't by a long shot.

Sure, it is said, "better to be safe than sorry". True in many instances but no way does that saying fit the situation as it has been explained so far. Influenced the the greedy, sensation seeking and prejudiced medias, we are a nation being terrorized within by our own.

If, and I say if, this person was set up by an anonymous and hateful tip, and if this person or group that issued the tip, are or is identified, upon conviction the sentence should be no less than 20 years in prison.

Right now I suggest that those saying all actions were correct start building bomb shelters or hide in them because there are going to be thousands of phony accusation and misconceptions over the next decade.

Not too many years ago, a prominent local doctor had a loaded pistol in his belongings discovered when boarding a flight out of Peoria. This case fell out of the news quickly when the doctor explained why he made an unintentional boo-boo. It will be interesting to see how the media continues to handle this bogus scare by a person probably basically unknown to Peoria citizenry.

A lot of questions need to be answered and I expect a number of answers will come from some who are not mental giants. It will be interesting to see the headlines in tomorrows JS and the media coverage following tomorrow.

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