Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weed - Pro and Con

While typing my latest blog, I was also watching one of the series on 'Weed' as presented ty CNN. If you are interested and disagreed with my older blog titled, "Why Not Legalize Marijuana", I advise watching more of this series being broadcast on CNN next Sunday at 9 PM Central time.. Most of my friends who take an opposite position, misunderstood, even though I said that I did not recommend the use of recreational weed but it was being widely sold on the black market in every community in the nation.You can prohibit a vice but you can;t stop it. Man will never be able to stop alcoholism, abortion, prostitution, murder, theft and drug use and the abuse of any.. Even the Bible so states I'm told.

Weed will never be as bad as alcohol on causing accidents and shortening lives. The non-prejudiced have already proven this fact.

You may be interested to know I have never used prohibited drugs and was only intoxicated once and that was as a Sophomore in college. I personally do not even have alcohol in my house so I can;t invite anyone over for a social drink.

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