Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ardis Kin Disagree Publicly - Both are Right and Both are Wrong

When Jim Ardis first ran for City Council and was elected but finished last in the crude and out-dated vote count system, I gave him $3000 which prompted Tony Ardis to call and thank me saying that my money provided the boost in TV ads and his subsequent election. Jim Ardis is a nice a guy as you will ever meet but power guided him off the course of fiscally responsible government. This happens about 90% of the time that an elected official forgets why he was elected or listens too much to the power structure money and advice, the reasons why elections are usually won.

And debt increases but the elite can afford it or move to Florida to escape State Income taxes.

The City of Peoria (so is Peoria County, Democrat dominated Board and Democrat Administrator) is in a far greater morass than has been reported. Both Ardis know this and Tony is correct in attacking Jim. However, it's like the old adage of who is calling the "kettle black".. The problem arrived in this manner. Union officials are elected on what additional benefits they can provide to their most vocal union Democrat members. Most boards in Peoria County are dominated by Democrats or Democrat thinking Republicans (the City Manager is an admitted Democrat) even if the City Council is "supposed" to be non-partisan. Why? Because Peoria is a Democrat dominated City. And incumbents want to be re-elected. Katherine Coyle could have possibly brought a breath of fresh air to the Council but the Demos voters couldn't countenance another Republican on the Council.

So it works like this. Private employees WITHOUT most of the benefits public employees receive but may receive a little more salary have their salaries compared by the union bosses who want the same with mostly an abundance of no firing clauses ignoring that public officials retire with many benefits like generous pensions that most in the private sector don't receive.

Evidently the registered voters understood there votes against excessive spending or felt that one new position wouldn't stop the spending spree the present council regrets but can't stop. Those that did vote  are addicted to supporting any cause that has some power in support of their cause. Only 17% of the registered voters in Peoria City felt interest in casting a vote. How can you blame them when no chance of change was in the air?

I predict that the presidential election of 2016 will not bring out more than 34 out of every registered voter. I also predict that present governor of Ohio would be the best Republican to defeat hillier Hillary but believe the old Republican guard will favor Florida Jeb Bush who will be dead upon arrival to the polls.All other Republican would-bees have some beliefs I support but don't stand any chance of being even nominated.

More predictions to come.

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