Monday, June 23, 2014

Think Illinois Highways are Going to Improve?

Think again. They are going to get worse. Are all the deteriorating bridges going to get repaired? Very few if history is any indication. The bureaucracy called IDOT is dominated by union loving Democrats and the unions are mostly interested in dragging out the work orders to maintain full employment and larger pensions. Ever watch these guys, all most all are men, and their bosses work?? Most of them make me feel bad when I see how poorly are tax dollars are used. The only job I have see recently, was the renovation of Rt. 74 through Peoria and there waa a reason for this project finishing on time. I predict IDOT will be still working on the Morton Interchange in 2018. Last week I noticed a expensive bumper truck parked just below the hill on Rt. 6. I noticed the driver of the safety truck was the only one on the job if you want to call sitting all day in a bumper truck, a job. When I came back that way 2 1/2 hours later, he was still sitting in this truck and still no state employee in the area.I drove past and stopped in front of the bumper truck; got out of my car and so did the bumper truck driver. As I approached him, he ordered me to move over so I wouldn't get hit. I was walking in front of the now unoccupied BUMPER TRUCK. When I asked a civil question as to who he was protecting, he became belligerent; moreso when I pulled my camera and started taking pictures. He pulled a camera and possibly took pictures of me. He then said he was going to "right me up" which I agreed he should do. I would love to appear in court to tell the public why Illinois highways are always going to be the worst in the northern states. I don't need to remind Peoria drivers that so many of our streets are worse than worse. The excuse of a "hard winter" is just that, an excuse. Out road beds, sidewalks and curbs were in bad shape BEFORE this last winter and will be in terrible shape if Peoria has another bad winter which is highly possible. And the bureaucrats want to raise gas taxes and let the Telsa vehicles help wear down the roads and pay NO gas taxes. So sad that most decisions that are made by our elected leaders and bureaucrats, most of who couldn't even run a barber shop, not to put the cosmetology industry down. I know most of you are too busy making a living to notice what the majority of Democrats and a lot of Republicans are doing to this country. So sad.

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