Monday, June 23, 2014

Millions Spent and Hundreds of Millions to be Spent on the Horizon on Removal of Lead From Old Homes in Peoria

With $2.5 million requested by Greg Chance to renovate MAYBE 210 homes at a cost of approximately $13,000+ a home, with 2200 old homes identified as needing untold millions more supported by those who really pay 90% of property taxes, it is past time to look more closely how these millions we don't have is being spent. When the program was first introduced to the Peoria County Board, mistakes were made by County Administration totaling more than $100,000 before one piece of lead was removed. Also, there is no believable estimate made on these homes to see if it would be better to demolish the building before spending $25,000 or more to make changes, all work done by high priced union labor. Even though it will be stated that "qualified" people do make these decisions, I have yet to hear of even one home demolished. Check it out, JS reporters, and give the address of the home, how and to whom was the demolish contract issued, date completed and advise if the home was replaced. Of course, if anyone has the guts to challenge money spent to help the poor, the program across the nation will continue to keep all HUD employees and union laborers employed and collecting their bonuses and pensions. When this problem was first introduced by Democrat Lynn (Pearson has been on the County board for 28 years or more; talk about term limits) and all other Democrat Board members, no Republican could vote no, after all all these people who live in these homes couldn't do the work themselves or afford to have some non-union contractor do it as it would not have been politically correct to do so. I raised numerous questions even stating that all nine Widmer kids were born in lead base painted homes with lead sealed windows, etc. Even asbestos coating on hot water pipes, yet none of use were affected. But today's kids are. Is that because of poor or no parenting? Of course, we didn't need to be told not to eat lead or asbestos. If the windows needed resealed, we did it even though we were poor. We also did our own painting and no one but myself ever drew unemployment (2 months at $30 a month, after I was discharged from serving our nation) I don't blog much anymore because it is so obvious that this great country is headed in the wrong direction and too many people are being subsidized, and more daily, by the government that they will never vote against the hand that feeds them. Or not until they find that those who can work must work and the flow of children from Central America and the flow of all uneducated and usually illegals, is brought to halt so that we have borders under control to stop the illegal flood of future Democrats and future Socialists or worse. Like terrorists. Even some Democrats believe we are in greater danger of terrorists than 3 years ago. So sad that so many people so poorly qualified are making decisions that will someday bankrupt this nation. The qualified people do not run for public office for many of the reasons I have so often stated. Major one is the media finding one fault and blows is out of context and that offsets all the good qualified leaders would do.

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