Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Aches and Pains

I've been laid low with bronchitis, allegeries and a cold. Haven't felt like blopging nor not much of anything. Plus I had some Dermatology work done which has'nt helped my disposition. Plus I probably bought the wrong computer, Lenovo, and have struggled to master it. Far too complicated compared to my first 2 computers. Next to impossible to download an informative email to my blog site and a spell-check bar seldom show up. I was instructed by Nerds On Call, where I bought this machine to hit HTML to center a blog for publication. Wrong. Anyway I'm taking this laptop back to Nerds when I feel better and taking my wife to take notes and help learn how to use this expensive and complicated device. Hopefully, I'll be back blogging, etc., shortly. Spell-check bar didn't show up so hope I do not have too many mispelled words.

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