Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Union Boss Mike Everett and Peoria Public School District # 150 Wants to Raise Taxes 2%

Everett wants a 1% sales tax increase that would create more jobs and "the big mismanaged" local public school wants 2% sales tax increase that would end up spent unwisely as they spend so unwisely now. Glad to see Petelle off the board and next should be John Crawford, a nice guy but ill-equipped to help manage a $160 million dollar budget. Maybe sweep out the "house' if you can find enough GOOD SMART people to run for an unpaid thankless job..

Would I build a new home in the City of Peoria?   No, and I wouldn't buy in E. Peoria either as they have their own set of financial problems. You might want to go back and read some of my older blogs on taxes. TAXES IN THE CITY-COUNTY-STATE-COUNTRY HAVE NO PLACE TO GO BUT UP AND THE INCREASE MAY NOT BE AS GRADUAL AS SOME MIGHT ASK YOU TO BELIEVE.

Most of you should have noticed even though my Property Tax bill was $100 lower this year, it is still WAY TO HIGH.

If tax increases get on the ballot, vote them down. ELECTED OFFICIALS HAVE A KNACK OF SPENDING AS MUCH OF YOUR MONEY AS THEY CAN. Seldom do they think of trimming expenses. Or aren't enough of us paying attention?

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