Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Welfare People, Big Pension People Or Stupid People PAY to See Cubs Games???

No others should, especially people who have a job. Or are people more stupid than I believe. Take your kids to a little league game or if old enough, make them get a job.The last time I paid to see these pathetic bush league players stumble around over their wallets was 35 years ago.

Of course, families are bonding on overpriced everything and consuming lots of junk food and beer.  Better off taking their kids to a nature park or fishing.

Arrogant Castro should be sent to right field and the right fielder sent to minors. As Castro proved again today he is NO shortstop. The right fielder was out of position when he pretended to be hurt and he can't hustle. (where were all the high paid coaches? Plus the team has no closer. Period.

But then this team plays in Chicago that is in Illinois and Illinois is the  home of the most arrogant president in history. And felon Ex-Governor Blago. So what' difference is another loser??

Why do I watch, I'm multi-tasking and surfing.for a little stupid TV diversion.  I'd like to take the  wealthy owners to the woodshed. They no little about baseball and don't want a winner. They would need to give the overpaid winners more money.

So sad.

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Merle Widmer said...

My 71 years of watching Cub mismanagement got the best of me. My blog was an attack on Cub management and pleas to attendees to stop paying exorbitant prices to see largely minor league players lose year after year.

Sorry if I was too critical of many of the fans. But maybe some of them should be critical too. "Wait till next year" is getting pretty old. I'm critical of my self for wasting my time watching them.

Now the Bulls, Blackhawks, and sometimes, the Bears, well, that a different story and they do brighten up Chicago somewhat.