Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Leadership in the City of Peoria

Of course, I support freedom of speech. I have been ridiculed verbally, on TV and in print, yet few people have come to my defense or even get my side of the story. The ,medias in Peoria listen to only side of the story and print near libelous things without ever asking as in my case, my side of the story.. I hare been more supportive of Mayor Ardis in his first two terms. We have disagreed on the ugly museum and I was right, I'm not supportive of the ugly new Marriott, and I have great doubts about the sports center out north. Even though indoors at times, we have a lot of bad weather in Peoria,  In a few years it will probably ask for taxpayer dollars, just like our minor league baseball has been bailed out by $1.6 million oif tax dollars.(last year)  Mr Ardis succumbed to pressure from the elite that support and fund him. 
As to the Chief, his Detective Martin totally mishandled my theft of jewelry which I will never recover or the theifs' brought to justice
It is time for some changes to be made at City Hall.

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3:44 AM (10 hours ago)
to me
Mr Widmer,

I've read your work and believe I understand the political principles which drive you. My impression has also been that you are generally supportive of Ardis and his leadership. I wonder, however, if you might take some time to think about your larger political goals and priorities and ask yourself if his recent decision making can be allowed to stand. I hope you will consider writing about the long history of (often nasty and personal) speech targeting politicians in our country and how our country would not exist without that tradition - which is why we take our first amendment rights as seriously as we do (or as I do, anyway).

I hope you will reflect on the conservative principles of stewardship of public funds and the appropriate uses of government and particularly of its police powers. I hope you reflect on government intervention in disputes which can be solved much more quickly, cheaply, and cleanly when individuals or small groups in society solve them on their own. We used to be a society that solved problems on our own - increasingly we are falling victim to to nanny-state thinking and to a "legalistic" culture in which all problems are solved with the criminal justice system.

After reading some of the messages at the root of the recent uproar I am convinced that Mr. Ardis and Settingsgaard are lying when they claim it wasn't clearly parody. Maybe you don't believe they are. Either way - the problem should never have been solved in the way they chose to solve it. I hope to read your thoughts on these matters.


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Merle Widmer said...

If the Chief had talked to me after Detective Roger martin flubbed the jewelry theft I REPORTED, Maybe the theft would have been caught.

Perhaps I used bad judgment in screening who I invite into my home. Bill Clinton is welcome most anywhere and he had oral sex and worse in the White House and I am made a pariah while my wife, now looked as a martyr, was in a hospital and nursing home largely because of her alcohol addiction which she will not seek professional help to cure.

And, no, while arrested once in my lifetime,I have never been convicted of even a misdemeanor except by the Stowell boys, Jim and Jerry, and the liberal media.