Sunday, April 27, 2014

Low Risk Release of People in Prison Good Idea If.....

there are jobs awaiting them. Providing them with very low cost housing for first two years after release if needed, low cost private job training or re-training facilities, low cost private mental health facilities, low cost health care where needed, transportation to and from facilities where needed and counseling readily available.

If it costs $25,000 a year or more to incarcerate, adequate rehabilitation funding should become available.

Put these things in place with competent people offering guidance and proper controls in place; then "go for it". Long overdue.If the government iw largely in charge of the above, expect a law or failure.

Placing them in public Vocational Schools like the big disappointment Woodruff Vocational School here in Peoria are largely a waste of time and money. In fact, Woodruff is not really a Vocational Training School. It is four schools combined in one building. Vocational Training school? Hardly.

That "private" is about 80% better than public is a proven fact. Unless the "crony" system rears it's ugly head.

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