Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Is the State of Illinois Among the Walking Dead??

It's taking the IDR (Illinois Department of Revenue) 6-8 months to refund income tax to individuals.

I'm still waiting.

Maybe my refund instead will go to Jim Ardis and Pat Sullivan's Warehouse project that will bring in bundles of cash to Peoria just like the Peoria Riverfront Museum is doing.

Just like the Bradley gurus projected. $14 million a year. Anybody counting? Or care?

Why did the popular Pat Sullivan do so badly in the election even though tons of dollars were spent in promoting him?

An overrun of costs at BelWood?

Did you property tax payers know that the $43+ million is borrowed money that you will be paying for 30 years?

Opening delayed two months? Do tell! Who will be paying to maintain the old BelWood?

Guess who again. The ignorant taxpayers, that's who. It's like stealing candy from a baby.

Old Lakeview Museum building sitting idle?

Who is paying for the upkeep?

One guess.

Is the old Y owned by the park district sitting empty?

Will the Park Board raise taxes or did they already -- and I missed the publication in the media? The park has already cut services and maintenance for the 9,000 acres of rolling hills and valleys have $0 budgeted for erosion control?

Rumors are that Peoria County will run a $7 million deficit next year. Have to wait and see.

Or will property taxes go up again next year, just like the fees and services already have?

Can anyone name one partially taxpayer funded project in Peoria County that met projections? This a challenge. You all know my email or phone #.

In the meantime support Brady's "Don't Shoot" Program. A very possible winner for Peoria and area.

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