Monday, December 10, 2012

Illinois Governor Quinn Lends $4.8 Million

This nearly bankrupt state lends millions to Pekin, Il. for a Clean Water Initiative, the first of many loans Quinn plans to make.

For those of you owed way past due money by the state for services rendered, how do you feel about this type of vote buying loan?

I can't get my over-payment refund on my income tax and the $99 I sent in for my vehicle tag has not yet been acknowledged one month later.

My sticker expired on 12/12 so when I'm stopped by a public servant officer, do you suppose Quinn or White will pay my fine?

I was recently was criticized by a teachers union person for not attaching titles to people I write about.

8 year ago, I asserted that this would not be a politically correct blog. Not using a title usually indicates my lack of respect for the person occupying a position that bears a title.

(For the 10 years I was on the County Board, only one person ever addressed me by the title all County Board carry which is "Honorable").

In other cases, I find it redundant to address say, Mitt Romney as Former Governor of Massachusetts, former presidential candidate and President Obama as 'Former Community Organizer, frequent absentee on roll calls when he "served" the Great State of Illinois and Chief Procrastinator representing the United States of America.

Why do I keep living in Illinois 21 years after retirement? Good question I can't publicly answer.

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