Sunday, December 09, 2012

Humpity-Dumpity Had a Great Fall. All the Obamaites Couldn't.......

Let it happen. A recession might be good for the country that is heading for bankruptcy anyway.

As Romney CORRECTLY stated that there are plenty that are using the plentiful "safety nets".

Why should the Republicans give in if they KNOW they are right?

They have 3 years to try to educate the moderate conservative percentage of voters in the key states that the deficit cannot keep growing and taxing increasing without severe damage to even those who didn't know who Pelosi, Reid, Bernake and Susan Rice, etc. are, but still voted for Obama.

In fact, a large percentage of those who voted straight Democrat tickets didn't know beans. No pun intended.

Some Republicans lawyer politicians should have had to met a payroll before they had the opportunity to help the Democrats screw up this nation.

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