Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Peoria Journal Star Editorial Board Supports Gay Marriage

In an editorial in Sunday's Peoria Journal Star, the members of the editorial board (JSEB), stated that they disagreed with the owner of Chick-fil-A stance against gay marriage.

I have never had a problem with employees that I hired and worked with over 34 years who may have been gay. I am not "homophobic" as I have no fear of homosexuals and no animosity or hostility toward them.

I also never had their gayness pushed into my face. Now the militant gays want to make a big deal of it and demand their unions be legalized.

I strongly disagree.

I know I have one nephew who has lived most of his adult life with men. He is extremely talented and I am very proud of him. He and his friend are welcome. His attitude toward marriage has never been mentioned and I know it never will be a subject of conversation at any reunion, visit, etc, He is a good person. His business and feelings are his and I respect them.

But I do will never support gay marriage or gay civil unions.

And I disagree with the local JSEB on the right for gays to be united in civil ceremony. Not the first time I have disagreed with the JSEB and the City Desk as at least one older JSEB editor would still love to see a "highway from Peoria straight to Chicago" -- and that will NEVER happen.

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