Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan - Great Choice From Many Qualified

IF, and I say, "IF" Romney doesn't win in 2012, perhaps Ryan and Rubio in 2016. That is, if its possible to save this country after four more years of Obamaites.


S. Cole said...

I can't realize why American voters continue to turn to the State for leadership when nothing but divisivness emerges as the result. Politics is fundamentally a cult as in attitude and actions where the parties invoke dis-
sention by design. Most of U.S. society is insane living under the gun of State created Laws making everyone felons in wait. We've are the Land of Crime, it does pay in the USA of greed by deed.

S. Cole said...

You know me, voting for the State isn't going to make Americans lives better as living with less in the new norm. Funny, we elect men who order more weapons for conflict U.S. Cities are seeking bankruptcy. Our prisons are crammed to the rafters with people that possessed a plant while the Countries infra-structure is crumbling underfoot. Our Wars have decimated the moral values of our people, The train is in reverse, America is back at the Station and a Cult of mindless voters are still buying tickets to the Promised Land. Sad