Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Don't Shoot" Author David Kennedy Visiting Peoria

If you recall I blogged on the importance of reading this book some time back. If you go to this meeting and you should, please read the book first. Unfortunately, I will be at the Republican Convention and will miss the opportunity to meet and hear the successes and failures of this program.

You might also read "How to Return New York City to the Street Gangs" by Heather McDonald published in the WSJ on 8/11/12. "A chorus of protests led by the liberal new York Times, charging that the NYPD policy of 'stop and frisk' is racist because because the majority of those stopped are black and Hispanic. This, despite that 63% of those murdered are blacks while blacks make up only 23% of the population.

Whites, by contrast, commit only 1% of all shootings, less than 5% of all robberies and 5% of all violent crime in 2011 in NYC. (Please read the whole article in the WSJ)

The program started in 1993 dropped crime to the lowest levels in the country. While the "Don't Shoot" plan takes a different approach than the successful program previously run by NYC, both approaches has greatly reduced shootings and all crimes in areas where the program has the full support of all involved.

I am pleased to the SA Brady, Mayor Ardis, Sheriff McCoy and Chief Settingard among many others involved in making this community a safer community. Do not let a few liberals and 'bleeding hearts' stop Peoria from reducing shootings and crime in general as these minorities are now trying to stop New York City police from continuing a successful program..


Dear Citizens,

You will be seeing an increasing story line unfolding in the next few weeks that will outline a very important community initiative titled "Don't Shoot". Our community focus is to drastically reduce gun crimes in our city. With the U. S. Attorney's Office, the State's Attorney and our law enforcement community, we are placing a laser-like focus on those who commit crimes with guns in Peoria and its impact on all of us.

Please take time to visit the website, Get the message out on your Facebook page. Take time to read the overview of the initiative. Read David Kennedy's book, "Don't Shoot". Plan to be at Riverside Community Church on Aug. 29th to hear David Kennedy speak in person. Listen to the Peoria Reads/Don't Shoot discussion on WCBU radio, 89.9 FM. Everyone has a role to play in this effort. I hope you'll get involved in making our community more safe. Look for more information from your favorite news channel in the coming weeks.

Please forward this email on to everyone you know and help us spread the word!


Mayor Ardis

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S. Cole said...

Mybad,increase water flouridation in prisons, it worked before.
Next, remove guns from society now, the insanity of our 2nd Amend. is unique to America alone, where owning a firearm is proposed as a necessity, a God given right as a piece of paper makes it so.
Americans have created the problem, implying force is not the solution, lawyers and police personnel aren't effectively capable of comprehending the true intellect of the street criminal and would suggest they likely never will. Our recidivism rate is evidence of a failed system of plea bargain justice, the merry-go-round feeding prisons/probation for the communities that thrive on their continued existence. The gangs thrive on the ever in-creasing population of new recruits that are jailed, an unending stream for the growing cultural phenomenon that no one will address, America is in rewind, insanity starts at the top, by the paper intellects who can't see the forest for the trees, Laws are made to be broken.