Saturday, March 03, 2012

Volts Not "Flying" Off Dealers Inventory

Another one of Obama and the radical environmentalists efforts to punish "big oil" has hit a roadblock as I and most sane people expected. "GM suspends production of its plug-in, Volt" reads today newspapers. Why, because dealers have inventories that aren't moving. If these cars are not selling except to the above mentioned buyers, maybe Obama and the Democrat unions will figure a way to force buyers to buy just like Obamacare.

Remember, all you Government Motors buyers, this company was financed with more than $80 billion of your tax dollars helping to add to the $16+ trillion of national debt.

Plug in electric vehicles, need to be plugged in places that plugs will easily fit at no cost to service stations and a wiser vehicle buyer. Remember, electric cars that supposedly need little gasoline do not contribute to financing highway upkeep.

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