Saturday, March 03, 2012

Sarasota Visitors Beware

Sarasota, as much of Florida has an unstable financial environment. In order to help replenish the city and county coffers, cops are out in force. Warnings among friends are being passed around that motorcycle cops, mass vehicle stops, unmarked cars, speed traps and cameras on every major intersection. In the last two days, I have seen over 15 vehicles pulled over including a car behind me exiting a shopping mall. Infractions include not letting the nose of your vehicle protrude more than a couple of inches past intersection white lines that are set back farther than white lines, in say, Peoria, Il.

No ticket yet for me. I heard this morning that St. Petersburg is following the same tactics. The biggest accident area is Rt. 75 between Tampa and Naples where people drive like mad people with so many deaths that only large numbers killed at one time are reported in the local newspapers. Yet, I can drive 75 hardly ever seeing a State Patrol Car. Probably out arresting marijuana users.

I am in favor of motor vehicle law enforcement but I do not like enforcement overkill, Nice city, Sarasota, but short of money apparently because of huge public pensions, entitlements and federal government mandated programs. And because politicians, once elected, love to spend taxpayer dollars.

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