Monday, February 27, 2012

St. Louis Paving Company Union Tactics Were Used Nationwide Altho Most Were Done Like the Democrats on the Peoria County Board

I have always supported unions and Widmer Office Products and Widmer Interiors was represented by the Teamsters Union for 22 years and as far as I know, Widmer Interiors, the successor firm, still is unionized. I found the being union had some benefits. However, under Obama the union bosses have encouraged union members to become more belligerently aggressive as witnessed a couple a years ago by Democrat members of the Peoria County Board.

This video shows what has become more the norm of the way unions are trying to force owners to employ union member only. Caterpillar just built a 1400 employee plant in a right to work state.

Expect more companies to locate in right to work states and don't expect much growth in Illinois susceptible to being bullied into unionizing all employees.

The expanded Davis-Bacon Law is a further move to Socialize this country which has proven to be not in the best interests of any country including Greece.

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Nothing new about the labor unions - but good to refresh the memory

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