Monday, February 27, 2012

St. Louis Paving Company Union Tactics Were Used Nationwide Altho Most Were Done Like the Democrats on the Peoria County Board

They tried to make it "Play In Peoria" didn't they Merle?
Thanks to your help and others...Karrie namely, ........ is still in business. However, have you seen the "rat" following them around the County?
My father worked hard, in the union, at Keystone and he doesn't even agree with the bullying tactics to try to force independent business to join or else...
My son-in-law, thankfully, runs a good business and had the resources to hire an attorney to halt the back door politics that would have closed the doors of his asphalt plant and paving company.

There is room in our great country for both union and non-union labor but the strong arm tactics should stop. EVERYONE has the right to work as he or she sees fit.
We'll see what this season brings. Stay tuned. :)

Very best to you and many thanks,

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