Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Democrats Masters at Twisting Words and Statements

Romney said he "like to fire people when they didn't get the job done for which they were hired. By getting rid of those who were not moving the organization in the right direction from the top down, we couldn't afford an excess power-seeking union and socialists approach. People working in for-profit companies had to do just that; make a profit in order to keep workers employed, pay fair taxes and as my past President at Widmers, Tom Walsh, used to say, to 'grow the business'.

But Obama, Democrats union bosses with likes of the Journal Star's bleeding heart liberal columnists, Pitts and Robinson, and far right leaning analysts, quote only four words out of Romney's statement, he 'likes to fire people'.

Obama campaigns around the country in his Air Force Jet (the plane alone costs$150,000 an hour figured by some statiticans) using all the half truths his battery of writers can glean from every document or statement ever made and recorded by any ranking opponent.

What a travesty it would be if the Republicans can't put up a candidate to defeat the lyingist president this country ever had in the past two centuries or maybe ever. Perhaps the Republicans best bet is to have a brokered convention, bringing into the race, a fresh person with Romney as V-P, Gingrich and perhaps Paul in his or her cabinet

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