Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Trouble With Getting to Class on Time? The Students?

Quoting from "Notable and Quotable" in the WSJ today, these quotes taken from a new story in the New York Post, "They have trouble with spelling, grammar and showing up to class on time--we're not talking about students.

The city tried to expel 26 teachers from the classroom last year for gross incompetence-such as English teachers who couldn't write of speak the language properly.

But officials maintain that stringent union rules prohibited the from succeeding in just half those cases-even when hearing officers actually agreed with the principals' assessments.

That's because the city has to prove not only that the teachers can't do their jobs but also that they have no shot at ever improving.

"What happens in every single thing is litigated or grieved or had a fuss made about it,' said Mayor Bloomberg, who, along with Gov. Cuomo, has demanded statewide adoption of new teacher evaluations.'

Oh yes, New York is NOT a Right-to-Work state.

Do I support unions in the public sector? Not much as unions and weak boards have nearly ruined Peoria Public School District #150 (and large schools all over the country) while Caterpillar, in the private sector, well, that's a different story it seems.

And, yes, Cat, I hope you do not give in to the stokers at one of your plants in Canada. Get your engines from Brazil, they need to bolster their economy.

I remind readers, that my company was represented by the Teamsters. No problem, I worked with them personally and they worked with me. Big difference in the public sector and at places like Government Motors, oops, I meant General Motors. Would I ever buy a GM vehicle, NO.

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