Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Peoria Public School District #150 is Selling School Buildings

On 1/6/12, JS reporter Chris Kaegard reported that Peoria Public School District #150was in negotiations to sell their Loucks' School building and their Columbia School building to PSCI (Quest).

That Harrison and Blaine-Sumner are also on the market was reported on 1/10/12 by JS reporter Pam Adams, under the heading "District #150 to sell two of its buildings", Blaine-Sumner and Kellar East.

If good business judgment had been used, Kellar East should have been put on the market as soon as Kellar West was expanded. Also, Blaine-Sumner should have been put on the market years ago.

Also, the old Harrison School building was sold for $10 a few months ago. Was the request to sell put out to bid? Also, I'm surprised that Peoria Landmark members didn't claim the distinctly unique old Harrison School as a public landmark. It will also be interesting to see what eventually happens to the old Harrison; whether it be demolished as reported, used, or abandoned.

Good questions. Hopefully some of the unused #150 buildings of land should appear on property tax rolls as the district reports it has other empty buildings that could be sold.

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