Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bradley University - Some History

This local university has many outstanding leaders and has graduated many an outstanding citizen and is a large asset to this community. My decision to no longer donate to this university started back in the days of the firing of head men's basketball coach Joe Stowell, Sr., and and the subsequent removal of Coach Joe Stowell, Sr. as head women's basketball coach in favor of a female coach.

At one time I was Vice-President of the Chiefs club in charge of fundraising. Upon the hiring a "person of interest" to succeed Stowell as head men's BB coach I stepped off the board.

Later on the hiring of Jim Les as head basketball coach, a player with NO coaching experience added to my concerns about the BB program. Some of you may not be aware of the NCAA investigation of Bradley and the resignation of Coach Dick Versace. As to Les, the disaster I predicted happened with his dismissal after last season.

If you go to my profile you will note a "Search Bar" in the upper right hand corner. If you type in "Bradley" you will find approximately 25 blogs I have written on Bradley University. One I should have blogged on was alleged insider information that was alleged to have been given to at least one real estate investor prior to start of construction of the new $100 million+ renovating and construction near culmination on campus.

Also some distrust of what some of the liberal "educators" were teaching young people as one Professor told a social gathering that he teaches his students that "there are no truths", my interest in being head tennis coach when my tennis competitor friend and former Bradley tennis coach, suddenly passed away. I apparently lost the job when I indicated I could raise $10,000 for tennis. The AD must have been afraid that the money I raised would have detracted from the men's BB program that has been "king of the hill", moreso, since the days of Bradley football star and later head football coach, Billy Stone.

My decision not to donate to Bradley is personal but I still watch with great interest the "goings on" on the hilltop.

You may find my pst blogs on Bradley interesting.

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