Thursday, October 06, 2011

Anti-Wall Street Protestors With Half-Educated Cause or Causes

It's easy to see that the majority of the protesters are anti any cause, veterans at protesting, retired union people with good health and retirement benefits, the un-employable, Socialists, vagrants and bums, ex-hippies, Obama supporters who fear he will lose the 2012 election meaning they would lose their "equalization" rights, some excessive welfare benefits, far left liberals and a few well-meaning but poorly informed who got caught up in the moment.

Un-employable? I was a business owner for 28 years and a Sales Manager for 5 years. I can tell you about the people I interviewed that were un-employable. Some I did not hire were hired by the public sector; a sector that relies on the profits of the private sector. The public sector doesn't need to make a PROFIT. They just raise fees and taxes while going into massive debts as this country is now witnessing.

Most of the anti protestors seem to come from the public sector.

Not to mention the college kids who come from affluent families (many who made their money BECAUSE of Wall Street) or are on free, taxpayer funded, scholarship rides.

All the while many are doing drugs and seeking instant gratification.

If you want to close the Federal Reserve, elect politicians who would come up with a better system. I'm no big Federal Reserve, stockbroker, consultant and analyst fan, either.

My message to all of them is oust Obama and get this country back on a sound financial basis, develop a personal work ethic, if you can't find ANY job, move or go to Alabama to replace the fleeing illegal workers, or get an education in something besides how to organize protests and studying lies about global warming.

And while you are protesting, complain about Obama blowing at least a billion of vendors, taxpayer losses on Solyndra. Yes, at least a billion counting all the costs connected to any huge bankruptcy federally funded.

Am I happy with arrogant, greedy, wealthy elites; no, and I've said so on this site more than once. But I protest by being informed on as many issues as I can, reading non-fiction and watching non-fiction TV, publishing my researched blogs, my LTE's and my votes.

Plus running for office and being elected without a dime of taxpayer money. Peoria County had to borrow money to meet some payrolls when I joined the County Board. Ten years later, I retired leaving the county with a balanced budget and large fund balances.

Hey, I'm distressed too by a lot of crooks, some many protesters helped elect, remember Blago and Ryan here in the great state of a Democrat, going broke, the State of Illinois. Wake up, the United States of America. The Socialists, arrogant union bosses and populism are killing this country.

Right now, I'm most distressed by the actions of our current president. And a goodly number of local politicians.

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