Thursday, September 01, 2011

Peoria Journal Star - Another Left Leaning Headline

The Headline in the JS: "Bachmann: Environmentalists block energy", reprinted from an article from the left leaning AP this week. For those who read more than the headlines, the story actually quoted "Presidential candidate Michell Bachmann "claimed Saturday that the United States of America has more fuel sources than any other country but blamed what she termed 'RADICAL' environmentalists for bottling up American energy policy".

As is often the case, the AP, the Journal Star and most liberal media alter of leave out a key word. In this case "radical" and, boy. is she ever right. I have a one inch folder on radical environmentalists and actions supported by Obama and his ilk, (think Lisa Jackson, a lot of Federal and state EPA"s), that has stymied advances in fossil fuel; fossil fuel on which this country will be dependent up for many more decades.

The Peoria area has it's fair share as see the JS Editorial Tuesday. Here is what this Editorial Board, (think Mike Bailey of Washington, Illinois had to say, "Few local issues in the last decade or so have been more controversial, and rarely in this page's experience has the public been more one sided in it's position. Ultimately, overwhelming citizen input prevailed on the Count Board, which voted with local sentiment, for better or for worse, to reject the expansion. Given that experience, no one should think their OPINION doesn't matter".

The JS ED's do not mention that they strongly supported PDC's position as did I. (I was up for election the following year. So I decided to put up no yard signs and spent no money on the campaign and not only was I reelected. at the age of 81, to a third term, but the County Board, by a vote of 15-3 elected me as Vice-Chairman over a Democrat.

Most thinking people realized that the RADICAL environmentalists and the not so well-informed, made up a small portion of the voting population in Peoria County but as I quoted before of this site "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change world". (Margaret Mead).

As the JS admitted, "for better or for worse", this vote against PDC was one of the largest errors this Board has ever made. Not only did the taxpayers of this community lose a billion dollar cleanup guarantee but they will eventually cost local business much more money to dispose of their hazard waste. Hazardous waste which the local radicals insisted on calling toxic waste.

The landfill is approximately 30 years old and if were ever to cause a problems the opponents were about 30 years too late in their outrage.

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