Thursday, September 22, 2011

Letter to The Editors of the JS

Kevin J. Williams from Cuba, Illinois needs to be better informed before he attacks our Peoria Police Chief for high crime rates and suggesting he put out more foot patrols. At the time our City Council voted to fund new and remodeled libraries at the tune of $32+ million plus interest for 20 years or more, I asked the Chief what he could do with that money. His answer, hire 25 more officers and put them in the high crime areas. Instead, the council made of of "good old boys and Girls" who never saw any pressure they could stand up to, voted to spend these millions on all things; libraries.

So here is what we someday will have. A lot of libraries that 75% of the citizens of Peoria will never use more than once a decade, 50 % will never use, and high crime rates, bad streets and curbs, high pensions and a deficit that can only grow with out more hidden or outright higher fees, fines or taxes.

As to Mr. Williams comment about PPS District #150, he should read my blogs what The Peoria Chronic, the Peoria Pundit and myself ( have been bloggng about for years. The whole public education system system stinks. It is a hold over system from 50 years ago and totally outdated, run by people who don't get paid, have no competition to be elected and know less than an ordinary business person. And business people they aren't. Look at their employment records.

A preacher, a union stalwart, a stock broker, a parent. a..., running a $170,000,000.00 businaes.

Good grief.

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