Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kellar Trail, Unfinished and Impeding Traffic

Every day, buses stop at railroad crossing signs warning of railroads on which there has been no rail traffic for years. Vehicles are forced to stop when school buses put out their "stop" signs wasting time and burning fuel for everyone.

Three of the most traveled streets, Knoxville, Pioneer Parkway and Sheridan Road and other streets, not only still have the stop signs that buses must obey but also the crossing on Pioneer Parkway is extremely rough. The Peoria Park District claimed for less than $10,000 a year they could maintain and keep the weeds down.

Have you noted the condition of the "trail" from Knoxville to Pioneer Parkway? Totally covered in weeds and litter and beyond.

Bonnie Noble, Park Superintendent was quoted in the JS on August 15, "Noble said the district has the money to finish all parts of the trail except one, the underpass beneath Knoxville Avenue. We're looking for funding for that project." If the Kellar advocates claim to have your tax dollars to accommodate a few vocal bikers and hikers, then Please put your money where your collective mouths are and correct these messes.

I'm anxious to see new businesses in Junction City sprout up because of this trail and trailhead building; this building to be built by more taxpayer dollars unless Alex opens his pockebook and builds it with private dollars.

Maybe he is. I'll find out when I see a financial breakdown which I doubt will ever be made public.

Why doesn't Alex buy the Mud House builing that is located on the "trail" and vacant for 2-3 years using his money instead of tax dollars?

I know where you are trying to get the rest of the money, Mrs. Noble. And people wonder why our governments are broke.

What is the reason these signs are still up costing unnecessary thousands of dollars? Why has the JS been silent on this unfinished yet supposedly critical economic driver?

Exactly how many tax dollars from local, state and federal governments have gone into this very questionable expenditure during a depression and how many dollars are still needed?

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