Thursday, September 15, 2011

FireFly Energy Debacle Not Forgotten

A few of my readers would like me to forget about this major boondoogle committed by the most elite in Peoria, the State and Federal government and led by no less a business "authority" than Republican Dave Leitch. The total cost of this "no brainer" to the taxpayers is estimated to be in the $50 million area. Here is what the elite had to say about FireFly: Ex Peoria mayor, Dick Carver, who once tried to sell me a "bridge to nowhere; he settled out of court, said "the Firefly deal was "the most exciting thing that happened to Peoria since the building of the Civic Center", Democrat and big spender Dick Durbin lined more millions for FireFly, Republican Ray LaHood, now a RepDem bureaucrat lined up millions of dollars in military contracts for FireFly while stating that "the icing on the cake would be KEEPING FireFly in Peoria, National City Bank regional president Doug Stewart called it the "poster child of Peoria Next", Peoria Republican "Tripp" O'Connor is quoted as seeing "I do not forsee a risk". O'Connor, a homebuilder by "trade" (in addition to the $70,000+ he gets paid as County Treasurer), told me later he was divesting most of his homes because of the financial squeeze caused by the depression. Hm.

And the supporting list of this FireFly "no-brainer" goes on and on.

How come I was the only elected official who saw through this boondoogle from the first time it was presented to the Peoria County Board?? After all, it was no less than the soon to be Manager of the JS Editorial Board who wrote, after I ousted their anointed incumbent, "but who will be watching Merle Widmer?"

Maybe because I (almost) always do my homework. In fact, at the age of 86 I still do and still find time to play tennis competitively.

Interesting, after the company I founded at the age 39 by this former farm boy, had a 3A1 D B rating when I sold the company 28 years later and is the only office equipment company in the area that still bears the founders name 48 years later. And the County recently had their bond rating upgraded.

Anyway, just go to the right hand top of this "blog" where it says "search,etc" and enter "FireFly", if you wish, you can read in my numerous blogs of FireFly, almost the whole story on this probably $50 million or more reasons why governmental bodies of all types, are or are going to be in deep doo-doo affecting the welfare of all of us.

The financial condition of this country is the result of people elected or appointed to governmental offices who may be nice folks, but incompetent and often dangerous with OPM and your welfare.

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