Monday, April 04, 2011

Koehler on Caterpillar Letter

First, understand Koehler is a Democrat who never saw a taxpayer dollar he didn't try to spend. The National Taxpayers United of Illinois denounced Dave Koehler of Peoria as being the worst spenders followed by Republican Dave Leitch tied with Don Moffitt of Galesburg for years 2007-2009. Who got all this money in the Peoria area? Why not take less and let the communities determine where the priorities are to spend it before it is laudered by politicians?

Second best friend of taxpayers was Aaron Schock. Now Darin LaHood wrote a LTE stating that he want to work closely with Koehler. I reminded Darin that the way our Republic was set up was intended to take less from the taxpayers and therefore return less "laundered" and fewer dollars to the community they represent.

Leave more here. Don't let Springfield and D.C. get their greedy hands on our money. Problem is the lobbyists for the special interest groups including farm corporations, large corporations in general and unions who contribute large amounts of money to their respective campaigns, good old boys and girls club types, quickly change cause the newly elected to change their election promises into "everything the special interest want is a priority". And quietly ask staff, "how much money did they contribute to my campaign".

I recall giving a $100 bill to a prominent candidate and he laughed as he stuck it in his pocket and said he just got a donation of $10M from my friend. Which one of us is he going to listen to??

Back to Koehler, who, after helping drive businesses out of Illinois says "Cat's letter is bipartisan and its important because improving the state's business can't be a partisan issue. We want to TRY to take this opportunity??? to TRY to turn around the image of Illinois not being business friendly".

Dave, it takes a letter like this to say we need to "work together"? Fat chance with the Democrats in total charge of Illinois but Dave will listen to Caterpillar because they helped finance his campaign.

After trying and succeeding to drive business out of Illinois, Koehler and his Democrats want to use this letter to create a new image of the state??

Get real, Dave, but of course, that is not going to happen because the State of Illinois is broke and politicians will get the money somewhere from some of us who only have the power of the printed word. And vote, of course, but fewer and fewer are voting these days.

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