Monday, April 04, 2011

Illinois State Employees Receive $336 Million in Pay Raises in 2010

While the state increases taxes, fees and everything they can legally or even non-legally get away with, the bureaucrats who run the state get raises to build their retirement pensions. Sick leave, excessive Workman Comp payments, personal days, sick leave 10-11 holidays while the state is going broke.

In the meantime, the Federal Government keeps building new monster buildings including a new USDA building in St. Louis. Add more people to hand out the subsidies to the corporate farmers like ex-Bull, Scottie Pippen who never came close to farm until he heard about the gravy trains.

In Peoria, drive around, if you don't work for the government and can afford it, and look all the empty commercial buildings, 5 on Pioneer Parkway that I noticed.

Government is bloated even if some cuts have been made. Someone suggested today in the media, that the government should take over airlines. Bureaucrats and elected officials, mainly Democrats should be exported to the countries the Democrats are denying free trade with our country; Columbia, Panama, South Korea.

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