Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Local 649 of the International Union of Operating Engineers

The JS reported that this union had ended their 2 day strike of various building projects underway but terms of the contract will not be disclosed until each organization's membership has voted.

The total package hourly wage before the strike is $49.69 per hour. This organization was offered a 3.4% wage increase for each year of a two year contract. This union turned this offer down because this union claimed that other unions received higher increases. I have seen nothing in the JS or from a call to Paul Gordon as to the increase this union received.

Do people understand why businesses are leaving this area and the State of Illinois who recently had their bond rating reduced again?

How do we think people who were fired or laid off permanently in the private sector feel about continued raises in the public sector while the country heads for a double dip in the economy? Don't believe me, just wait or observe what is happening in this state, city, county, the country and the world.

Some say i don't have solutions. Yes I do and I've voiced them many times in my 1200 blogs. My theme? The public sector cannot spend more for non-priority enhancements than they can pay for without raising taxes and fees.

I said there would be more shoes dropping in Peoria this year or over the next 12 months. They are falling but the JS decided to no longer put business bankruptcies in their rag.

The Peoria cheerleaders had better raise their podiums and increase the volume on their loudspeakers. I've written a couple of blogs on "Wake up, Peoria". I am increasingly becoming aware that it may be too late.

It's been suggested that look around a enjoy what Peoria offers. I do and I'd like to keep them affordable and maintained.

And still open.

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Merle Widmer said...

Who shares the blame for the situation we are in? Those who are not reading or paying close attention. Especially those who are electing the wrong people to office. Yes, big business must share some blame but the major problem lies with big government and powerful unions.

Many things are better and the unions assisted. But now, most union members are Democrats and they believe they hold all the cards dealt by this anti-Capitalism adminstration.

But "Things" are just things. Time will tell but time is running out. If ever a change is needed November MAY provide an opportunity.