Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Analyst's Recomendations

Zachs recommendation on average for Caterpillar, is hold.

Interesting, since it's been the same while Cat stock has risen 45%.


mazr said...

Merle I have to ask....why this fascination with Cat stock?

I'm no financial wiz but I thought the older a person was the less they should rely on stocks for their financial well being? More stocks when you're younger, less stocks in your portfolio as you move down the road.....

Merle Widmer said...


While Cat was laying off and firing 26,000 workers worldwide while transfering work out of Peoria, my younger wife's stock falling like leaves in November, Cat was pushing to raise taxes in the community for the museum. Then 2 days after election Cat dropped this bombshell about the musuem and visitors center very quietly on the community.

See my blog which I am writing next saying exactly what Cat said in the susposedly privacy of the Musuem Committee.

But the info leaked out. Click on my site in next half hour.