Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Peoria Museum - Union Press Conference Today

I attended and listened to the presentations and announcements. Professor Scott from Bradley was one of the presenters and he started his presentation in support of the museum with these words: "Basic data provided to me........"

Also, it was stated that all who visit the gallery will receive a 15% discount if they are from Peoria or did he say Peoria County? Hmmmmm.

Later, I received a rather stern call from Mark Johnson from Caterpillar saying I had said Andy Rand and Jimmy Dillon's Forum was not open to questions and answers. After some discussion, we agreed it was open (for questions and answers) to only Rand and Dillon's constituents. I guess I don't understand politics as I have the same ranking as Rand and Dillon, a Peoria County Board Member and ALL residents of Peoria County are my CONSTITUENTS.

The date or dates of an open forum hosted by myself will invite ALL who wish to attend will be announced in the near future. My committee will be presenting facts as to why to vote no on the referendum.

Mr.Johnson also denied that he said the following "it appears you've failed to recognize that the MAJORITY of visitors to the Museum are assumed to be members of the Museum. These members will support the the facility through their annual membership dues, in exchange for which they will receive FREE admission to the museum....

You can read this and the comments of Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Woith in the "Comments" on my blog titled, "Peoria Riverfront Museum Fund Raising Progress" dated 12/03/07.

In the 200- page document prepared by the attorney for the Museum and our County Administration, it states assumed membership to be 4500 at an average of $75 per membership totalling $338,000 per year. If this is the MAJORITY of visitors, $338,000is a long way from an operating budget of $4.3 million per year, a budget bound to rise, if the cost of electricity, pensions, health benefits, etc., keep risings.

Mr. JOHNSON OVER THE TELEPHONE DENIED HE WROTE ANY SUCH THING. He also advised me I was "entitled to my opinion". Gee.

Now, if admissions to the the Gallery are discounted to more than half of the attendees, will the members be given a discount of 15% also? Hmmmm.

Mrs. Woith says (on the same comment page) that "The Museums Master Plan" calls for 78 to 83% of the visitors coming from our "resident area". I interpret 'resident" tp mean thy come and visit and sleep at home that night. Ususally. If that be true, then how do the "consultants" arrive at 50,000 plus hotel overnights? Are people from. say Elmwood, going to come to Peoria to see the museum and stay 2 or 3 nights? Hmmmmm.

Sorry, Professor Scott, from Bradley, the "basic facts" just don't add up.


Martin Palmer said...

I support you Merle!

Go get them! I guess i can ask who at a forum? I live in peoria by the soon to be if not closed CUBS food in the east bluff.

Merle Widmer said...

Thanks, Marty, we will get you and your friends and followers more involved.

Encourage people to call me or contact me by email.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I bet you've filled your depends over this museum thing.