Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Economy Worst in 25 Years.

"It's a continuing disaster" for the nation's families, declared President Barack Obama.

And our leaders want to suck another $3.2 million in new taxes out of our "resident" community each year to build a museum destined also, to put further pressure on private donations; donations that could go to more needy causes. Even finishing the unfinished zoo. The Museum shows in their projections the perpetual need of a fund-raising drive every year forever. Our Peoria County officials leans toward eventually taking possession and managing and funding the museum with tax-payer dollars, also, forever.

Some people in Peoria are either looking or going to be looking for jobs. In the massive stimulus bill, plenty of jobs should become available for more worthy causes than an expanded museum. It seems all the promoters forget we have 32,000 sq. ft. at our present location more in the center of the northward expanding city, easy to locate and expandable with more parking if the museum people would work with the PPD.

The present Lakeview Museum is the 2nd largest museum between Chicago and St. Louis. Underutilized with figures of 83,000 to over 100,000 depending on which source is most correct. When the new library on the north side is completed, the used book and periodical space could be emptied and given to the library where it belongs.

Market down over 100 points again today with very little good economic news. The old saying is that "some people would rather go down with the ship than to admit is is sinking".

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