Tuesday, November 18, 2008

U.S. Representative Aaron Schock - OUCH

Today's JS quoted Aaron as saying regarding the auto industry bailout, "Fundamentally, I don't like the federal government getting involved in the private sector." That's noble, Aaron but I believe you strongly supported the massive agriculture subsidies, the unequal distribution of a trillion dollars, (McCain didn't and said so) during your campaign. Agriculture certainly is a "private" sector.

Also in today's JSEB columnist George Will is quoted, "Spreading the Wealth? What do you call this. He asks about rent-control in New York, sugar subsidies to which billions are granted to a few thousand sugar producers, Medicare and its intrusion into the private sector, the banks bailout, (I could go on and find at least another thousand),and the $25 million already granted to GM.

I will admit that your successor seldom saw a taxpayer dollar he didn't like to spend including his support of others like the library referendum and the public school at Glen Oak Park, his connection, perhaps, that his son, Darin, is married to Queen Bonnie Noble's daughter, Administrator of the aforementioned park district.

I know Aaron doesn't have time to read my blogs, but maybe someone will refer him to my site and perhaps he can explain what he meant and his position on "government interference" in the private sector. And maybe Ray LaHood can explain, how, over all his years in office, he didn't get up on a table and pound it into the Democrats that Fannie and Freddie, Frank, Dodd, Rangel, Reed, plus Bush appointee Cox, and all their ilk, did not demand that federal regulations then and still in place were not ENFORCED in all the years prior to the meltdown.

Good question???

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