Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peoria School Dist. #150 - Needs More Property Tax Dollars?

On 9/16/08, the JS reported "District #150 OK's balanced budget", with the $143.4 million plan to keep programs the same, pay for building projects. Even have a $215,000 surplus. Today, Distinct #150, is asking for "about $3.4 million more" by increasing the tax levy by 5.6%"

Reason: An increase in tort liability insurance (can't wait for the Obama administration, ha) which were underfunded and "masked" as expenses and co-mingled with education and building funds". "This sort of 'trues' up the revenue to actual expenses," Treasurer Guy Cahill said.

Enough, stop right there. I have consistently said that the top person on this school board should have experience in the private sector as a business manager and a financial manager.

This is what you have gotten all these years from having an "educator" who know little about business and finances as the top administrator.

Now more taxes on my home and more to come when the zoo turns out to be the user and taxpayer money pit long projected, the $100-200 million sewer project gets underway, the new bond payments for the new schools start coming through, the new museum......and on.

Hey, all the professionals, like the doctor who emailed me today asking my support of the museum, and those with guaranteed salaried jobs with full benefits when they retire, employed business executives and managers, can probably afford it. I and a lot of other can't.

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